Excellent choice of excursions in Como and its surroundings ensures fantastic opportunities to get lost in history, nature and typical gastronomy of the place. From iconic itineraries on Lake Como to inimitable walks that lead through the city and the most characteristic places in the area. Park Hotel Como is surrounded by a variety of experiences to live, especially during the spring and summer months, when the climate becomes more temperate to enjoy unmatched strolls around Lake Como exploring local woods, paths and hilly landscapes.

Hosting one of the most beautiful and iconic historical centers in Italy, Como also enjoys a privileged position that once made this city main cultural and commercial meeting point imprinted in local paths including most popular Queen’s Walk. This is a long road that rises along the ancient Via Regina once served to connect the Italian territories with the transalpine ones.

Equally significant are Como excursions to Castel Barandello continuing towards the Colle Sant’Eutichio viewpoint stopping along the ancient archaeological site of Pianvalle. Among iconic walks on Lake Como stands out famous Greenway crossing the small medieval villages with incredible variety of landscapes blending urban and lake scenery.

For those who prefer food and wine itineraries around Como Lake, we suggest unmatched Baite di Brunate Road starting from Como and stopping at the typical trattorias that today replace old inns.

Park Hotel Como provides a perfect base to participate in excursions and outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking or enchanting walks. Check room availability and book your next holiday in Como now!