Baradello Castle

Castel Baradello is an iconic medieval building of Como area. The castle can be reached on foot from Piazza San Rocco or Piazzale di Camerlata in Como. Rebuilt in the XII century by Federico I of Svevia, better known as the Barbarossa, Baradello Castle is now opened to the public providing a perfect walking route that ends on the top of the Colle di Sant Eutichio.

Considered, fully, one of the main symbols of the city of Como, Castle of Barandello has undergone several changes over the centuries. In the 14th century Azzone Visconti initiated building of the tower, originally 19.50 meters high now reaching 27.50 meters in height.

From Castel Baradello, the walk continues to Respau. This is a suggestive place from which you can look out and admire a splendid panoramic view. From here you reach the archaeological sites of Pianvalle with inhabited area of ​​Comum Oppidum dating back to the Golasacchian Celts of the Iron Age.

The site was rediscovered only in recent times starting from 1976 with various excavation campaigns that evidenced the vast amount of finds preserved and exhibited inside the Archaeological Museum of Como in the section dedicated to Pre-Protohistory.

The excursion continues through the green hills surrounding the city featuring first basin of Lake Como, and ending on the Colle di Sant Eutichio where a large iron cross stands. Here you can admire another fantastic panorama or simply relax in the heart of local natural heritage.

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