Queen’s Royal Road

Via Regina (or Queen’s Royal Road), also known as I Cammini Della Regina, is one of the most beautiful destinations for walking in Como. Queen’s Royal Road plays a central role among the variety of ideas for strolls in Como surrounding Park Hotel Como. A characteristic site, with an extraordinary cultural relevance combines historical suggestions and naturalistic scenarios that will take your breath away.

Being a part of Queen’s Royal Road Cammini della Regina lead from Como to Sorico and belong to one of the oldest commercial and cultural exchange routes once connecting Italy to the territories located beyond the Alps.

Like Via Francisca and Via Spluga Italo-Svizzera, Cammini Della Regina still constitute one of the main transalpine connection systems. In the surrounding area, it is possible to stroll in Como’s incredible natural beauties, as well as testimonies of the millennial history of the place, already known at the time of the ancient Romans.

Blending history and nature this read gives life to something unique and wonderful providing suggestive walks in Como from Como to Sorico with stops at the Oratory of San Silvestro, the Sanctuary of the Madonna Della Neve including baroque church of San Salvatore in Arbosto.

To admire Queen’s Royal Road s and other paths near Como stay in the city is an optimal choice featuring public transport to the departure areas. If you are already planning a historical, cultural and naturalistic holiday, book a room at the Park Hotel in Como and enjoy your adventure in comfort!

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