One of the main attractions to discover around the lake is Como Cuisine or Cucina Comasca. You can take advantage of Park Hotel Como’s beneficial location and discover typical products of Como Lake in local restaurants blending unmatched gourmet experience, significant artistic works and rich natural heritage. Local flavors and aromas will perfectly underline rich touristic offer with exclusive menus of first and main courses, cheeses, cold cuts as well as desserts and liqueurs.

Typical recipes of Como Lake are based on locally caught freshwater fish varieties like Perch, Agoni (well-known local Missoltini) or Bleaks. Local fish features almost all first and second courses, from risotto to perch (with butter and sage) to fries, from dried fish to grilled variations with green sauce.

One of the most famous typical recipes of Como cuisine is Polenta. Whether it’s the classic Polenta Taragna made with cornmeal and buckwheat or the most delicious variations like Uncia or Toc. This specialty has been a symbol of Como food tradition for centuries, as well as a perfect accompaniment for meats, cheeses, fish and local products.

Local products of Como are represented with inimitable cheeses. You can find this product during your stay in Park Hotel Como visiting nearby mountain villages. Stracchino is one of the best known varieties of cheese while dairy production certainly does not end here featuring soft and aged goat varieties to satisfy even the most sophisticated cheese lovers. Local gastronomic delights based on typical Como dishes are not complete without desserts. All sweet-tooth connoisseurs will get unmatched choice composed of classic Miascia Cake, Cutizza with a delicate sprinkling of sugar or a lighter Paradello including variety of typical peasant sweet specialties. Como desserts were created to be accompanied by an excellent local wines. Book your stay in Park Hotel Como to explore rich gastronomic offer along with cultural attractions and natural heritage of the Lake.