Among the products perfectly describing the gastronomic tradition of Como and Lombardy, cheese deserves a special mention. Soft or seasoned, served alone or accompanied by Polenta, honey and other local specialties, they must be tried without delay.

Excellent way to explore typical cheeses of Como is to participate in traditional local tasting events. Usually cheeses and cold cuts are served on a cutting board, divided into small portions, together with other sweet and savoury food, such as jams, preserves and aromatic herbs.

We introduce essential selection of Como and Lombardy cheeses to explore local traditions of cheesemaking.

Furmagitt tradition

The Furmagitt in local dialect means Goat’s cheese originating in the hilly or mountain areas. The production is very wide and varied: depending on the location you can find different cheeses united by the use of goat’s milk.

Stracchino is definitely the best known of the typical cheeses of Como and Lombardy region: soft and creamy, defined by a delicate yet easily recognizable taste. Locals usually spread it on slices of bread, with the addition of a little organic honey or jam as well as use it for Risotto, Pasta, second courses of meat.

Other varieties of Lombardy cheeses include Alpine Cheese, Nostrano, Magro di Bellagio, Lariano, Ricotta della Valtellina. Some DOP products like Gorzongola, Quartirolo and Taleggio also belong to the Lario tradition of Lombardy region. Gastronomic discoveries are waiting for everyone who is acquainted with Italian cheese.

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