Local gastronomic discoveries are complete only with an exploration of typical Como desserts. Going beyond savory specialties like Polenta and Fish dishes, sweet-tooth connoisseurs  will definitely enjoy Como and local dessert menu including Miascia Cake, Cutizza, Paradello and more unique recipes to discover during you holiday with Park Hotel Como.

Local cake called Torta Miascia is one of the most popular Como desserts. It is one of traditional “Poor” specialties with the roots in the ancient peasant tradition. Miascia Cake ingredients are rather simple including stale bread, amaretti, fruit (apples, pears, raisins) with the addition of milk, eggs, butter, sugar, chocolate and flour featuring also some liquor.

Equally popular in the Como area is Paradello – a sweet specialty defined by a thin paste, prepared with eggs, sugar, milk, butter, flour and enriched with fresh apples.

One more typical dessert of Como Lake is Cutizza. Its highly energetic recipe once was prepared mostly in winter. A mixture based on flour, milk, eggs and lemon zest is worked to obtain a homogeneous consistency also fried on both sides. Finally, Cutizza was sprinkled with vanilla sugar and served hot and fragrant.

In the province of Erba in Lombardy region, we can discover Masigott. This is very sweet and nutritious rustic Focaccia prepared with a mix of various flours including wheat, corn and buckwheat. This recipe is enriched with sugar, walnuts, pine nuts, raisins, zest of lemon and orange to be baked in the oven until reaching its typical golden-brown color.

We prepared a perfect base for gourmets and sweet-tooth to plan an exploration of local gastronomic treasures with a lot of sweet to be experienced not only in many but also in excursions and outdoor activities.

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