Lake fish

Enjoy exclusive local menu based on fish from Como Lake featuring fresh and high quality ingredients. Enjoy fish dishes of Como in our Park Hotel!


Exclusive fish dishes of Como Lake will become a perfect starting point for all gourmets visiting our Park Hotel. In addition to local beauty, local menu also perfectly reflects traditions of Lake Como. Here are some recipes not to be missed!


Missultin is a dish prepared with a typical fish from Como Lake called Missoltini.

These are Agoni fished between May and June processed with the removal of the entrails, followed by drying in the sun at least for a couple of days. Finally, Missoltini are placed in special containers for storage and flavored with bay leaves and more ingredients. The result is a dish with a very rich and intense flavor.

Risotto with Perch

Another typical fish specialty of Lake Como is Risotto with Perch based on local products from Lake Garda or Lake Maggiore.

Preparation begins with fish broth adding raw rice and stirring until the water has been completely absorbed. Traditional recipe requires fried perch fillets and a little sage butter.

Alborelle Fry

Fish dictates the tradition of Como Lake cuisine also in this specialty called Alborelle Fry.

The oldest recipe is a poor variation once served to feed the fishermen and their numerous families. Small local Alborelle was floured and fried to create simple but very tasty and nutritious recipe.

Lake Fish with Green Sauce

Finally, a Como fish specialty to try is lake fish with green sauce, prepared with parsley, breadcrumbs, garlic, capers, anchovies, vinegar, oil and eggs.

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