Museums near Lake Como


Among all the things that you can do and see around Lake Como, the rich concentration of museums stands out for its quality and includes the famous Silk Museum, the Archaeological Museum Paolo Giovio, the Historical Museum Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Art Gallery.

The museums that have arisen around Lake Como and in the surrounding area are closely related to the millennial history and traditions of this territory.

The Silk Museum, one of the most curious and funny museums for children, reproduces the tools that were used to produce this precious fabric in a very reliable way. It is an important cultural institution that tells visitors the entire production process of silk, from silkworms and coloured yarns to hand printing and fashion collections. In addition to machinery, the museum also preserves objects, documents and fabric samples dating back to the golden age of silk in Como.

In Piazza Medaglie d’Oro there are the Archaeological Museum Giovio, dedicated to the history of the city, and the Historical Museum G. Garibaldi, dedicated to the Italian Unification and the history of the lake during the last three centuries. The Archaeological Museum Giovio is located in a beautiful sixteenth-century building and contains prehistorical and Roman collections related to the ancient history of Como, but also Egyptian and Greek artefacts, gems and coins. The Historical Museum is dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi in memory of its presence in the city in 1866, and for this reason the majority of the artefacts that are preserved here date back to the period of the Italian Unification such as weapons, paintings, uniforms, clothes, accessories and artisan products.

In the Art Gallery, art lovers can admire many prestigious artworks dating back to the medieval period and the 20th century, including those of the Futurist artist Antonio Sant’Elia and the abstract works of Gruppo Como.

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