Brughiera Comasca Park

Located between the provinces of Como and Monza Brianza, Parco Della Brughiera Comasca, also known as Parco Sovraccomunale Della Brughiera Briantea, extends for over 23,000 hectares of beautiful land.

In this huge green area absolute protection of biodiversity is applied to preserve over 250 species of vertebrates and a wide variety of unique plants, trees and shrubs including local species. In the lower areas of the heath you can observe numerous broad-leaved trees, such as cherry, lime, ash and field maple while the woods are dominated by Robinia of North American origin also typical of Northern Italy, as well as wetlands from the Elm and the Black Ontario.

Parco Della Brughiera Comasca is the subject to environmental protection with a long series of redevelopment interventions over the past decades these actions were taken to rediscover and protect local natural heritage as well as to create a perfect integration and harmony between nature and urbanization. Today this park hosts locations of extraordinary beauty perfect for walks and cycling among the woods and pine forests.

Each year fans of hiking, bird watching, cycling and other outdoor activities meet in Parco Della Brughiera Comasca looking for peace, relaxation and favourite activities. With its absolutely unique panoramas and the thousand details to be observed and photographed, Brughiera Comasca Park is a naturalistic attraction that cannot be missed from your tour and that will give great emotions to both adults and children.

Park Hotel Como will perfectly suit both individual and group tours to Parco Della Brughiera Comasca and other natural treasures around Como.

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