Regional Park Spina Verde

Pure oasis of green in the heart of Como, Spina Verde Regional Park is covered with a variety of breathtaking paths and trails perfectly suiting spring and summer season. This is an ideal location to enjoy blue sky and temperate climate during trips, picnics and outdoor activities.

Every year, park Spina Verde attracts lots of adults who love nature, looking for suggestive places to capture with the camera as well as many kids and teenagers eager to spend a day of relaxation and fun.

Park Spina Verde in Como offers an essential collection of attractions including churches and architectural structures, archaeological sites and artistic works. Besides splendid path and trails of Spina Verde this natural reserve offers plenty of sporting, recreational and cultural initiatives for young and old.

Making a stop at the Regional Park Spina Verde is a great opportunity to take a pleasant break from daily stress, breathe some fresh air, read a book in peace, surrounded only by the sounds of nature.

Park Hotel Como provides a perfect base to visit the Spina Verde Park and explore its trails moving both to the city center and to the hilly areas nearby. Book a room now and organize your holiday in Como!

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