Isola Comacina

This is the only island on Lake Como and despite its modest size (600 metres long, 200 metres wide and a perimeter of just 2 km) and the fact it is now uninhabited, it was once very important from both a religious and political point of view. Fought over many times due to its strategic position, it was raised to the ground by the people of Como in 1169 as a vendetta for the island’s alliance with Milan in the Ten Year War involving the two capitals. It retains many remains from its illustrious past including traces of a Roman.

wall, an early-Christian baptistery with a double apse and above all, the Romanesque complex of Saint Eufemia (11th century). The only intact buildings are the Oratory of Saint Giovanni (17th century) and three Artists’ Houses built in Rationalist style by the architect Lingeri in 1940. Many artefacts are housed in the Antiquarium Museum in Ossuccio, where tickets for entrance to the island can be purchased.

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