Villa Balbianello

Built in the late 18th century for Cardinal Durini, it incorporates an ancient monastery and is one of the most beautiful parts of Lake Como.

The magnificent loggia, “embroidered” by a climbing ficus, offers panoramic views of the Mid-Lake area spanning from Bellagio to Comacina Island.

Unsurprisingly, the villa has been chosen many times as a film set; the most famous films shot here include “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” and “Casino Royale”.

On the upper floor of the residence, accessible thanks to a guided visit that must be booked when purchasing a ticket, there is an unusual museum that brings together the art collections and travel souvenirs of the villa’s last owner, the explorer Guido Monzino, a lover of expeditions and man of great culture.

In his will, he left the villa to the Italian environmental protection agency, FAI. The garden has terraces and balustrades, It is a magical and wonderful place where  can celebrate a fairytale wedding,  anniversaries and private events.

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